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Video case studies are a hugely important tool in your content toolbox.They allow you to demonstrate your company’s success in a convincing and credible way. Important marketing content; they form a link between your brand, and practical solutions your products or service delivers.

Things to consider.


Writing the film brief

Which client do you wish to feature in your case study video? Who will feature from your organisation? Where are they located? What questions do you need you contributors to answer? These are just some areas where a planned brief will really benefit the production.


Structuring your video

Just like any other video production, it’s important to create a narrative that is both convincing and will hold the viewer’s attention. It should have a beginning, middle and end. Setting out the clients’ challenges and how your business provided the solution, and then the results!


Interviews or PCT

A piece to camera (PCT), combined with supporting footage, will form the backbone of you case study. Interviews are important as your contributors are real people, experienced in dealing with your organisation. They bring credibility to your offering by substantiating your claims through independent testimonials.


Supporting footage

By mixing your interview/s with supporting footage, you engage the audience by helping to tell the story visually. The ‘cutaways’ embelish the piece and give visual evidence of the narrative, bringing your story to life.



We always encourage filming in context. That means capturing your people in their ‘natural habitat’. Selecting the right location is a critical element, helping to set the tone and tell your story. Getting access to client locations can sometimes be tricky, but it is worth factoring this in, as the results make for a much more credible case study.

Our core packages.

Our core case study packages cater to the needs of all business shapes and sizes.

Need something more? You can always add additional services to these core packages, to suit your needs. 

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Taylor Maxwell

Ancre HIll Estates

Beard Construction

“tenbristol have been producing our films for close to 8 years now. They make the whole process so simple, thanks to these guys video is now an essential part our content strategy”.

Lizzie Hffer, Marketing Director, THRINGS

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