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Activate your content.

Creating the great content is one thing. Getting it in front of the right audience at the right time via the right channel is quite another.

Content activation is much more than just creating the assets to send out via your various channels, it about having visibility over your buyers’ content journeys and creating an experience that can quickly and easily change course based on their behaviours.

Things to consider.


Keyword research

Keyword analysis is a crucial element of any content marketing. We will help you know what your potential customers are searching for as this is the foundation of all your activity. We will define a clear understanding of the opportunities available for relevant traffic, the quality and quantity of the traffic generated is essential to increasing the volume of interest, leads and sales via a website. Where necessary, we can blend Search Engine Marketing with Paid Targeting campaigns (separate budget is required) to drive traffic for keywords that a website is not targeting organically.


Social media marketing

Social media success is dependent on the quality of the content, it is this that will ensure your audience engages with your brand, product or service.

We will help increase the size of your brand’s online community and therefore increases the number of conversations and referral rates to your business by engaging with your target audience. We will do this by leveraging innovative insights to create content that will resonate, grow your online audience and have a tangible impact on your bottom line.


Landing page design

A landing page can play a critical role in helping to introduce your audience to your products or service. It offers a platform to address your audiences specific needs, and not be weighed down or confused with wider brand or product messaging. Landing pages provide a great means of de-anonymising visitors to your website, by providing resources in exchange for basic contact information, you can then continue to nurture your lead as they navigate their user buyer journey.


Database marketing (ecrm)

Electronic customer relationship management, or database marketing is extremely powerful. It provides the means for having a direct dialougue with an audience interested in your brand and the opporunity to nurture this audience until they become advocates of your brand.

We will help you leverage the power of your database to help you achieve your Bigger Picture goals and ambitions


Analytics & insights

We will set-up and monitor all the analytics tools available to us, these provide a deep understanding of your current and future customer behaviour. ROI driven data provides factual information to formulate an effective content strategy.

A clear view of who is currently viewing your content, and how they are interacting with this content are crucial factors for effective targeting and return on investment.

Our social media & database marketing packages.

We do not offer specific packages dedicated solely to social media & database marketing packages.  Instead please see our retained marketing support packages  These packages offer flexibility for meeting the needs of most organisations.

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