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Viper Innovations / IR explainer videos

You just know when you are in the presence of a company that is really going places, that is the feeling when we were first introduced to the team at Viper Innovations.

Viper are experts in electrical monitoring and asset integrity and have developed a range of solutions for global industries including subsea and rail.  We were tasked with creating a suite of educational tools for their V-LIFE product, including educational videos using a combination of live action, piece to camera and animation, product micro-sites, brochures and other branded collateral.  

On the back of the success from this activity, we were then tasked with completing a similar exercise to showcase their CableGuardian product.  It was a real pleasure immersing ourselves in this complex world, and we came away with quite an in-depth understanding of the power of Spread-spectrum time-domain reflectometry when used to monitor electrical circuits… 

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