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In completing a project for our client Usystems, we were shocked to discover the impact of data storage on the environment.

Did you know, if every person living in France deleted just 50 emails, it would save enough electricity to light the Eiffel Tower for 42 years.  

There are lots of stats like this all over the internet, and whether this particular one is accurate or not, I’m not 100% sure – but the idea is simple when you think of it.

Stop. Pause. Think

All the data you create, your emails, and your social posts, your video storage needs to be housed somewhere; this is usually in datacentres.  These things eat up massive amounts of power, which comes at a cost to the environment. So it makes sense, if each of us were to start deleting unwanted emails we could collectively make a real difference.  

Of course, this need is not going to go away – we still need our social media right? Luckily there are businesses out there that are developing solutions to these BIG challenges.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Usystems, a company that design, develop and manufacture leading edge datacentre cooling technology.

See how USystems are engineering a better tomorrow.

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