a night in the museum film


Magmatic, the Bristol based company behind Trunki ride on luggage for children, needed a small online viral produced to coincide with the launch of the ‘Trunkisaurus’, the latest of the fabulous Trunki range.

We worked with the Trunki team to design and storyboard the film which needed to be entertaining and engaging for both adult and child audiences.

A Night at the Museum was born. Without the luxury of CGI, how do you bring the Trunkisaurus to life? Keep it simple. The Bristol Museum provided such a stunning backdrop, with some clever lighting and fishing line . . . it’s amazing what can be achieved on a tight budget. The introduction of our little security guard came about from discussion with the Trunki team. A great performance all round.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to let a 4 year old guard a museum?

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