Rascal Systems

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rascal systems

rascal help major multiples reduce shrink and increase profits with their retail technology and data solutions.

The brief was to define their proposition more succinctly, update the brand, visuals representation, and build them a website to communicate this to the world.

By conducting qualitative research internally with rascal staff and externally with their retail partners, we found out what matters most to them about the rascal service.

Simplicity, visibility and control — three simple words that describe why rascal exist. In a nutshell this is what they deliver each day for their retail partners.

To arrive at this was a long process of defining each and every attribute rascal have built, created or developed over the years. We used a means-end model to help us understand how their customers translate these product/service characteristics and consequences of use into personal values (dependent on where they operate within their business).

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