service with character campaign

Companies don't run the world . . . people do

In 2023, we helped Integral produce videos for their ‘Service with Character‘ campaign.

Shot in several locations all over the UK, the campaign featured ‘characters’ from all over the business; these colleagues all had their own story to tell, giving the viewer a little insight into some of the expertise available across Integral.

This campaign enabled Integral to put a face to its name, humanising the brand in the eyes of its audience. By featuring real colleagues, from leadership to frontline staff, these videos helped give a snapshot of the culture and values that exist within the organisation.

The idea to spotlight the individual employees and their roles within Integral was a great way to showcase the diversity of skills and expertise. It also allowed these colleagues to share their experiences, what they do, and how they contribute to both Integral¬†and their client’s success.

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Social media activation

We produced a series of teasers across various social channels to increase visibility and engagement. This involved long and short format videos for use across Linkedin, YouTube and Facebook.

Campaign landing page

The campaign landing page was crucial to the engagement journey, with the slick design and UX helping to increase conversion rates. The video content was optimised to improve search engine rankings and help to drive more organic traffic to the landing page.

Video content as a strategic decision

Service with the character‘ was a joy to work on.

Incorporating video content into Integral‘s communication strategy is not just about staying current with digital trends; it’s a strategic move to help showcase its human side, demonstrate expertise and build a lasting connection with its audience and stakeholders.

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