landing page design

Integral Facilities On Demand

Facilities-on-demand is an exciting new pay as you go maintenance service recently launched by Integral.

We have worked closely with the marketing team to create the platforms and content for helping bring the new service to market.

This has involved creating a range of marketing collateral for social marketinglanding page design and build and a service explainer video.

This service only launched at the end of 2020 but already is proving to be a resounding success.



With the landing page design, we have created an informative experience that allows users to quickly learn about the FOD platform and have made it easy to reach out to the experts with simple contact form design. 

The pages is divided to give into key sections to demonstrate the features and benefits of the platform including the short explainer video we created.


Social media activation…

We have also created a series of short social teasers to help activate the content and drive social media engagement to the landing page.

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