Your World is our World

The brand name and strapline are very much from the RONSEAL school of branding – ‘it does exactly as it says on the tin’. Uptime is everything, so we chose to make this a statement of intent with the company name. The strapline 'Your world is our world' acknowledges the depth in which Uptimeplus immerse themselves in their clients businesses.

Finally we developed Galileo. Galileo is the name we gave to the suite of diagnostic tools which powers the whole Uptimeplus proposition. This proposition is very much grounded in science, as was Galileo himself, and it was widely felt the diagnostic nature of the suite of assets reflects the Galileo space research programmes of the mid 90’s.

The logo represents the swirl of constant diagnostics which surround clients' critical environments, represented by the white inner. To launch the brand, we developed an Uptimeplus brochure, animation and film which was shown at the Data Dynamics Exhibition upon launch. The Uptimeplus website was designed internally, photographs used were by tenbristol.

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