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Weed control is big business, and Complete Weed Control (CWC) is one of the biggest players in the market. A business with over 43 franchises over the UK, the CWC Directors needed to create a brand which would be clearly identifiable and appealing to prospective franchisees, whilst also differentiating the CWC proposition apart from the other weed control providers. The challenge was set by the Directors; we cannot change our logo, but we need to try and make weed control sexy.

If you have never heard of Japanese Knotweed, or other ‘invasive weeds’ then hear it from us – they’re bad 'uns! The thing about these weeds, are they are for the most part impossible to kill. Fortunately, CWC are one of the biggest specialists in the UK for managing these little critters – it is this which we put at the centre of the CWC proposition.

The ironic thing is, these weeds actually look quite nice, so we decided to put this at the forefront of the creative executions. The results speak for themselves.

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