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With all our retained marketing support packages, what you get is access to a team of people with the skill-sets that will help support your marketing efforts, just like having your own creative studio. How you allocate your resource each month is entirely up to you.

The basic package is perfect for organisations who need support on a reactive basis. We usually find this package is most suitable for organisation needing support activating content produced in-house across social or database marketing.

Activating content is where we create the assets that will be used across social media to grab your audiences attention and engage them with your content, we call this the ‘sprat to catch a mackerel’ technique.


How it works:

You will have a dedicated creative partner to help you plan and control your marketing retainer.

Visibility & control:

Each piece of work undertaken under your retainer agreement will be allocated a project number, and when asked your creative partner will giive an esimate of time for completion, helping you plan your budget spend each month. Work will be charged at the hourly rate with discount applied (where applicable).

Budget roll-over:

How you spend your monthly budget is down to you. Any budget +/- that is not spent will roll-over into the next month. We do ask that the budget does not roll-over for more than three months – your creative partner will review your spend each month and help you plan activity to ensure your not building up too much credit or deficit.


We do ask payment is set-up on a direct debit to be paid at the same time each month.


All marketing support packages may be cancelled with one months notice.

Your creative services include:

Creative partner for planning & project management

Design services


Video production services (camera crew & kit)

Video drone services

Video Post production (edit)

Animation (motion graphics / 2D & 3D animation)


Web design & maintenance




Package does not include costs related to: PPC, Print, Purchased images.

Web support:

Where a website has been built by a third party, we will need access to your website CMS and database. We will then conduct a free website appraisal to ascertain whether we will take on the website upkeep and maintenance services as part of a retainer package.

Please note in some instances we retain the right not to take on third party websites.

With this package a minimum of 12-month commitment is required.

Travel expenses charged at .45p per mile.

Working hours: 8-5pm.

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