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Suited for the larger event over two days. The addition of drone footage (permissions allowing) adds a totally different dimension to your video. This package allows for x2 camera teams. This offers far more flexibility, and does lend itself to larger events where there are multiple activities taking place. Such as keynote speakers and activity in breakout areas, that may be running simultaneously.

Larger events with need for two camera teams over multiple days.


Our team will help planning with all stakeholders to ensure the fundementals, such as risk assesments are in place. As this package does allow for drone filming, we will ensure that all necessary permissions are in place. Careful planning is essential we will work with you to ensure our teams are fully briefed and aware of event timings, etc.

You will have a crew of 3 available for 8 hours (day) or 4hrs (evenings, after 6pm – charged at double time), with full camera kit, gimble, lighting and sound kit.

You get a lot of footage from two camera crews capturing multiple activity – this package allows for up to 8 days post production. How you use this time is down to you. As well as creating that killer edit showcasing your event, some of this time could also be used for aditional edits featuring keynote speakers, breakout groups or individual activities. In addition to this our team will activate your content — This is where we will create the assests that will be used across social media to grab your audiences attention and then engage them with your case study content. We call thie the ‘sprat to catch a Mackerel’!

Up to x7 days.
Typically broken down as follows:
Day 1 – 4 Preperaring rushes for edit, and creating assembly edit.
Day 5 – 7 Finalising edit to client proof
Day 8 – Making client amends, sound mix, adding any titles or lower third captions, colour grade and export final edit.
We will source and supply up to x 1 music track – a selection of tracks will be shared with you for approval.


Your creative partner will establish what kit is required for your filming. Any additional kit required outside that outlined in the package details may be subject to an additional charge. Any additional filming beyond normal working hours may be subject to an additional charged at £150 per hour. Travel costs are charged at 0.45p/mile Any overnight or international travel will be costed, approved and charged separately. Music charged at £150 per tack. Including sourcing and licence fee. Any hiring of talent (actors, VO artists), will be charged separately.

Travel expenses charged at .45p per mile.

Working hours: 8-5pm.

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