buyer journey workshop

Planning your next big campaign?

This workshop offers the perfect platform to free your team from the distraction of their everyday roles and really get them thinking outside the box. The outcome of this session is to build a detailed understanding of how potential customers interact with your brand.

With this insight, we can shape a detailed plan to create the platforms and content needed to guide each customer ‘persona’ as they navigate their respective buyer journey.

This workshop is designed for either marketing and sales teams or owner/managers.  This session would typically involve around 4-6 key stakeholders tasked with shaping your organisation’s tactical content campaigns.



Outcomes from this workshop:

Campaign ambitions: Create a shared understanding of where we are now (pre-campaign) compared to where we want to be (post-campaign), and define what success looks like.

Buyer persona development: The creation of a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on experience and data about your existing customers. We will help you to understand their needs and wants, form their point of view and the how this will impact on their buyer decisions.

Mapping the User Journey:  The buyer’s journey is an important framework for the future marketing strategy. We all go through this, (personally, or in a business context) during the buyer decision making
process. Our role is to make the transition from step one (“Do I have a need?”) to a justified decision (“your product/service is the right product for me”). We do this by harnessing the insight we have built-up to create campaigns centred on the customer lifecycle?

Messaging matrix or framework: With an intimate understanding of your audience, an effective market position and a strategic human persona, we will develop a brand-messaging framework that will resonate with your audience. This will be divided into key messages that work together, as a guide to shape brand communication and will influence your audience both on an emotional and logical level.

Your report is provided in PDF format.

Facilitated by us, the workshop is held on the day of your choice, and on your premises. All our workshops are exercise based, given the limited time the exercises we facilitate will be undertaken in consultation with your creative partner from tenbristol.

IMPORTANT: To make the most of the time, each person will be issued with an agenda and be asked to complete a short exercise before they attend the session. This is an important part of all our workshops helping delegates focus on what it expected from them on the day.

Before the workshop the team at tenbristol will participate in desktop research, reviewing up to six competitor websites along with any another marketing collateral you can provide, with a view to evaluating their particular strengths and weaknesses. This will be used along with insights gained on the day to plot your business on a positioning map and identify gaps and opportunities.



In most instances the workshop team will bring all the resources they require – we’ll even bring the sweets. All we need is an appropriate room and a motivated, open-minded team who are willing to invest their time and energy into helping shape your business and brand.

Travel expenses charged at .45p per mile.

Working hours: 8-5pm.

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