brochure design package 3

No copy? No imagery? No problem! With brochure package 3 as well as having ample studio time to create your ideal brochure, we have bundled together copywriting and time to source appropriate imagery or create bespoke a illustration/s services to offer a complete brochure design package.

Creation of a more in-depth brochure, typical pagination of around 12-16 pages



Up to 16-page brochure or case study design.


Your creative partner will be in touch to take the brief, this will involve a short Q&A session aimed at probing deeper and uncovering insights that can sometimes be difficult to articulate in a written brief. We will then conduct a FREE brand evaluation using the information contained within the brief and conduct desktop research to get a more indepth undertsanding of the industry, and the significant players within. We will also assess any previous brochures you have produced or examples from across your industry.

Design & develop:

x 5 days studio design time
This process will include up to three review and amend sessions to final artwork sign-off.

x 3 days copywriting
Writing the copy for your brochure can be a daunting task. The key consideration with brochure copy is ‘less is more’ and always be written with the reader in mind. Our copywriters are experienced in writing for a range of industry sectors. Getting the messaging and copywriting right is crucial at this stage, as much as your brochure layout and design will be about presenting this information in the most engaging way possible.


Your basic brochure will be supplied in a ‘print ready’ PDF format.

Need it printed? Speak to you creative partner about the quantities and type of finish you require and we will provide a competative print cost.

Design time: Up to a maximum of 3 days total project time, any additional time may be chargable at £50 per hour.

Copywriting: Up to a maximum of 3 days total project time, any additional time may be chargable at £50 per hour.

Travel expenses charged at .45p per mile.

Working hours: 8-5pm.

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