2D animation package 3

This package offers the full works. We develop the ideas, write the script, design the storyboard and produce your animation for you. This package allows for up to 10 days animation time, so is perfect where for more complex animations.

Suitable for any organisation


We take your brief and get a deep understanding of your brand, your offer and the audience you serve.

Idea creation
Every succesful piece of content starts with a great idea. From the insights we gain from the brief, we will craft a uniqie concept that will resonate with your audience and deliver you the desired results.

We take your content and our writers hone it into the perfect script.

Asset creation
Before any animation begins our studio will design the assets: charactersm, buildings prettymuch everything that will go into your animation and share these with you in a flat pdf format. These assets will then passed to the animation team who will work their magic.

Combining the assets we’ve created with your script, we storyboard your animation, on a scene by scence basis giving you a clear outline of how the production will take shape. Your storyboard will include details such as animation effects, movements and use of sound effects. Only when you are completely happy with the storyboard will be then begin the magic of bringing your animation to life.

Up to x10 days
This is where you can sit back and relax and let our guys do their stuff. We’ll firstly create an assembly edit — this is where voice over and animation come together, before finally layering on the music or sound effects.

Additional items such as:
– Sound (music, sfx)
– VO artists are a separate costs
– Use of stock imagery
are all charged separately and would be on top of the package unless agreed with your creative partner.

Travel expenses charged at .45p per mile.

Working hours: 8-5pm.

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