A picture says a thousand words.

Visual storytelling.


Your brand perception is down to a myriad of factors, but your photography is especially significant.

Technology has enabled everyone to become a photographer, and in a lot of circumstances, self-shot imagery can often suffice. However, when you are planning HERO activity, your photography must be totally on brand. In these circumstances, it’s worth hiring some real expertise.

Working with a professional photographer will ensure your imagery is aligned with your visual identity, as laid out in your brand guidelines. We can work with you to capture photos of you, your team, your products, your process, your space and other things that make your business unique.


Things to consider.


Team shots

Creating an event around having team shots captured not only shows your organisations pride in your people but will also ensure total control over how your team photos will look. We can bring a mobile studio to your offices, ensuring complete control over lighting conditions so you get top quality images. We will work with you to brief your team beforehand to know exactly what is expected of them on the day.


Product photography

Product photography is a real art. Whether on location or in a studio will be dependant on what is being photographed. Either way, working with a professional photographer will ensure your products are presented in the best possible way, and the images fit for purpose.


People shots

Showing your people in their natural habitat without making it look staged is actually quite tricky. This is where a professional photographer really comes into their own, ensuring the subject is relaxed enough to act naturally, then capturing that perfect image. Not as easy as it sounds!



Brand photography can incorporate multiple formats. Essentially it’s about ensuring your photography is aligned with your visual identity, normally found within your brand guidelines.


Buildings & infrastructure

Having a suite of internal and external shots of your or your clients buildings are essential for a range of assets, from case studies, brochures or sales presentations. We can liaise directly with your people or clients on the ground, making sure the logistics of your shoot go smoothly. Remember any photographs shot on the day can also be shared with clients which is sometimes a useful incentive to having them buy into the shoot in the first place.

Photography examples…

Chatham Cars



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