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Why tenbristol?

Firstly, what’s with the name? It’s a question we get asked a lot. Well, we started in 2010 and are based in Bristol, but more than this we’ve always believed that the first 10 minutes of any new client relationship is vitally important. It’s a critical time in defining the client / agency relationship and a time to answer the (not quite) million dollar question: Can we can do business together?

Beyond this, we truly believe that commissioning creative services should not be complex.  Keeping it simple is a mantra we’ve used a lot over the years and as everyone knows, the best designs are usually the simplest ones. What we’ve done is apply this philosophy to the whole approach for commissioning creative services.

No smoke & mirrors

With ‘3 clicks to create’, we aim to make decision-making easier. It gives you credit, that as a professional, you will have a good idea of what creative services you require to get results. Importantly, you also know what resources and budget is available to achieve them.

A simplified approach does not mean less creativity. Creativity is imperative; it underpins everything we do at tenbristol.  We work with people and organisations who want to achieve amazing things. We provide the insight and imagination to create big ideas; brave strategies and the bold content that will help you achieve your ‘bigger picture’ aims and ambitions. 


Meet Craig & David

Yes, “Craaaaaig David”…we’ve heard it a few times 🙂

Agency owners and friends who worked together (client side) and decided to set-up our own agency. In most instances it will be either Craig or David that will be your creative partner for your project.

Once you’ve chosen the service or package that suits your needs, it’s your creative partners job to guide you through our 5D approach. This helps us to get to know you and your business and your key objectives, ensuring the smooth delivery of your project.

Your creative partner will manage your project, liaising with the principle creatives in our studio responsible for its delivery. Everything from web engineers, designers, camera operators, copywriters, animators and editors. If your requirement falls outside the immediate skill sets of our core team, we have a wide and varied network of quality suppliers and contacts we have worked with over the years.

Our 5D approach

The process we follow no matter the size of your project for transforming ideas into tangible, real world solutions that will help you achieve your ‘bigger picture’ aims and ambitions.



This stage is about leaving no stone unturned, and involves your creative partner working with you to help answer any questions you may have about your project delivery.


Here we walk in your shoes. This may involve a Q&A with your creative partner, or a  full Spark Workshop – this stage is about developing objective and balanced insights about you, your brand and the markets you serve.


We define your unique space, develop clear competitive differentiators and a position that is credible, deliverable and has compelling messaging that will resonate with your audience.


The best bit! This is where we first present our ideas. It often inspires a hot-house of thoughts and creativity from clients where we can collaborate to hone the proposition.


Here we move from the conceptual to the actual, creating the messaging vehicles, marketing tools, and content that most effectively amplify your strengths in a way that will help you achieve your ‘bigger picture’ ambitions.

Our fabulous team…


Graphic design


Office manager & accounts


David P

Web engineer & SEO


Web engineer & SEO


Video & animation post production


Cameraman & post production



‘Big’ Jon

Cameraman & post production

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