presentation design.

Presentations are all about visual storytelling, whether pitching your business idea of delivering an e-learning experience.

Not another boring presentation.

Presentations need to engage from the start and keep your audience interested. How many times have you sat through boring presentations packed with too much ugly text on-screen – importantly, how much information from this presentation do you retain? In a range of different formats, we design presentations that will help you create a wow factor and resonate with your audience.

A simplified approach does not mean less creativity. Creativity is imperative; it underpins everything we do at tenbristol.

Each piece of content, website platform or branded collateral we produce is bespoke, designed to resonate with your audience and help you to achieve your Bigger Picture aims and ambitions.


Things to consider.


What format?

PowerPoint has been the ‘go to’ format for many years and offers a huge amount of functionality and an easy user interface. However, we can also design a Prezi Presentation. Prezi is a relative newcomer on the block and offers a great animated experience that will delight your audience.


Sales presentations

You’ve worked really hard to get your foot in the door – so let’s not waste the opportunity by presenting a poorly designed presentation. Our designers will help create beautiful visuals to engage your audience. We tell your story from your audience’s perspective and make sure they find your message persuasive.


Training or E-learning

In a world where content is ‘king’, educational content should be considered ‘God’! Educational content is such a powerful medium for both internal and external audiences. We will work with you to design and develop your content bringing your E-Learning to life with stunning visuals and meaningful interactions.



The #1 issue with many presentations – too much copy! The primary reason for copy in a presentation is as a prompt for the presenter, who then provides the wider narrative – you’ll rarely ask the viewer to read off the slide. The adage of ‘keep it simple’ is so true concerning presentations.


Imagery & illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand words, and presentations are primarily a visual medium. Creative use of imagery and illustrations can really make your presentation zing! They really help to break-up your presentation and keep it interesting. Remember, any design elements created for your presentation are assets in their own right to be used across your other media outlets.

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