illustration design.

On paper or digital, we create images that can communicate a message or an idea.

Any medium, any style.

At the heart of our studio are a group of talented individuals who are as adept with Indesign and Photoshop packages as they are in creating hand-drawn illustrations and artwork that help bring your brand or promotional campaign to life.

A simplified approach does not mean less creativity. Creativity is imperative; it underpins everything we do at tenbristol.

Each piece of content, website platform or branded collateral we produce is bespoke, designed to resonate with your audience and help you to achieve your ‘bigger picture‘ aims and ambitions.

Things to consider.


Brand promise

An illustration can be a great means of communicating your brand promise; think Red Bull, ‘it gives you wings’. Red Bull have been using illustration at the core of their brand messaging for many years. There is a simplicity to their illustration design that helps them to deliver their brand messaging enjoyably. Even if you’re not a fan of the drink, it’s hard to think of the Red Bull commercial without raising a smile.


Your BIG idea

Graphic illustration design is often the bedrock of any campaign we create. An illustration can help get across the BIG idea and the wider campaign objectives. This can manifest itself in a ‘campaign ideas’ book or storyboard for a video.


Keep it simple

Graphic illustration really comes into its own when simplifying complex messaging. This could be in the form of tables or graphics for use in presentations or brochures. They can also be used as motion graphics in the video, animation or social media comms.


Brand style

As part of your brand strategy, Illustrations can really bring your brand to life with energy and emotion. You really are only limited by your imagination. This is especially true when used to promote utilitarian products or services, creating warmth and engagement.


Graphic design

Graphic illustration design forms a central part of our core expertise at tenbristol. We take a design-first approach to everything we do, helping our clients visualise their brand or campaign messaging in ways that will resonate with their target audiences.

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Character design

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