branded goods.

We supply item ideas as well as printed products for any and every marketing campaign or promotional drive.

It’s got your name on it.

We can design and source a wide range of branded goods for your organisation.  From pens, t-shirts and other clothing apparel, desk accessories, umbrella’s or seasonal goods such as advent calendars, we’ve even whittled a custom branded (wooden) cider bottle. 

A simplified approach does not mean less creativity. Creativity is imperative; it underpins everything we do at tenbristol.

Each piece of content, website platform or branded collateral we produce is bespoke, designed to resonate with your audience and help you to achieve your Bigger Picture aims and ambitions.

Things to consider.


Choose your gift carefully

What is the objective of this gift? Knowing this will help you define what to source and what you will need to spend. There are literally thousands of options out there. From a general awareness perspective, it’s best thinking about what would be ‘used’ and offer real value to your audience. Items like promotional pens can work well, but remember, a cheap pen that doesn’t work well can harm your brand perception, despite the good intentions.


A tactical tool

A well-timed gift can really help open up a conversation, especially at the buyer journey’s earlier stages. In this context, it can be an important tactical tool, used as a pre-cursor to a telephone call smoothing the way to opening up a conversation around other business-related needs. You must know your audience and choose your ‘gift’ carefully.


Promote your values

Branded goods such as calendars and desk pads can play an important role in re-enforcing brand values for your internal audience.


Delight your audience

A gift at the ‘Delight’ stage of the customer buyer journey can help re-enforce positive emotions associated with your brand. However, this should go beyond simply giving your audience something for nothing. It should be regarded as an investment as it plays an important role in leveraging the lifetime value (LTV) of the relationship you have with your customers. LTV can be a good metric for deciding what to invested into each gift, with high yield or valued relationships sometimes warranting more expensive gifts.


Front of mind

Branded goods can play an important role in keeping your brand front of mind in the eye of your audience. They can help you open doors to potentially lucrative conversations or say a heartfelt thank you to your loyal customer. Whatever your need, we can source it. More importantly, we will ensure your branded goods are designed on brand and in line with your campaign messaging.

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