brand appraisal.

A brand appraisal offers a comprehensive diagnostic of your brand's strengths and weaknesses in the context of your audience and competition.

Things to consider.


More than just a logo

It’s not just your company logo. Your brand is the overall perception a customer conjures up in their mind’s eye when they think of your organisation. This is called brand positioning, and it encompasses your reputation and the first impression you make to potential clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders. The brand you present to the world should be consistent and an integral part of your company’s idendity.


Brand re-positioning?

Moving your brand to occupy a unique space in the market or repositioning your brand. This involves taking a step back, looking at all aspects of your brand that may need to change to increase trust, and developing a plan to change these, with your ‘bigger picture’ goals in mind.


Eating an elephant?

We recommend one bite at a time. Consider just how many touchpoints you have with your audience and stakeholders… it’s a lot. Your brand needs to paint the right picture of your organisation across every one of these interactions. This can be quite daunting. Our packages allow you to break this up into ‘bite-sized’ chunks, helping you put a strategy in place that will make the most impact.


Get the story straight

Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care?  Telling your story starts with ‘why?‘ Why, is all about you understanding your true purpose. Only by understanding your ‘bigger picture‘ goals and ambitions can we work with you to help shape behaviour and drive long-term results.


Clarity & consistency

You can have the most perfectly honed brand in the world, but it can quickly topple like a house of cards without controls in place. Our brand guidelines create a playbook for stakeholders who interact with your brand ensuring it is portrayed just as it should be.

 Our core brand appraisal packages.

Our core packages should cater for the needs of most organisations, no matter their shape or size. If you have multiple needs, just add different packages to your cart and then book a discovery call. If you simply cannot find a package suitable, please schedule a call back

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